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Saturday, 17 May 2014

Uncovering “The Best Life”

Love Letters, Handwritten notes from a child to her mother

My daughter gave me a beautiful letter in an envelope that she made herself. I  love receiving these little notes, cards and letters.

This particular one was much longer than usual and had a very odd line in it “Even though we don’t have the best life.” I asked“The Best Life” meant to her and she said that it was not having the best of everything and lots of stuff.

How had I raised a child who believed that having the best of everything and always having everything was “The Best Life”? Am I a failure as a parent? Is it peer pressure that has lead her to believe this?

Maybe she’s seen it in my “Only Parent Guilt”. I never wanted my children to ever believe that money and things meant the most in life. On the other hand could it be her way of telling me, she’s just fine with our life as it is.

Let’s face it kids don’t come complete with manuals, if they did I’d ace parenting. Has your child ever revealed something to you that has made you question your ability to parent?

Kerry on regardless.

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