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Monday, 5 May 2014

Wonderful Weekend

All these Public Holidays and School holidays in South Africa have me a bit confused. My Son (GadgetGuy 12 yrs) and Daughter (The Dreamer 11yrs) have been spending a lot of time with my parents, sleepovers, outings and generally being spoiled.

On Saturday when I went to drop GadgetGuy off, The Dreamer who’d been there since Thursday came and asked if I could take her home and bring her back because she needed more clothes. 

I needed to do some shopping before I went home so she tagged along. We did shopping, tired her out because I studied every single label (This requires its own post). During the time we spent together I asked her if there was a reason she’s spending so much time with my folks and she said no she just likes it, but if I wanted she would stay with me, so she stayed with me.

When we got home, Carlos (The DJ and my grounding half) was starting supper. I was pooped from the shopping and grateful when he said to her: “It’s just you and me, what would you like for supper?”  I need to point out that she is the fussiest eater in the house, so a few umms and aahs later and The DJ took of his headphones and replaced it with a Chef’s hat.

The whole time he was cooking he wouldn't let her see what he was doing and blocked her view when she came into the Kitchen. It turned out to be a MasterChef worthy meal combining two of her favourite foods: Pizza and Pasta.

He plated a beautiful meal, we sat down at the table to eat and Billy Bob (The Boerbull) started barking outside the windows because he wanted to join this occasion. The Dreamer told him “No Bob, you can’t have this is only for Celebrities.”

The Dreamer often gets lost in the boy craziness of our household and it’s moments like these that make me appreciate the small things and it’s the reason this was a wonderful weekend.

Kerry on regardless.

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