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Friday, 13 June 2014

21 Cherished memories of you Pops... Happy Father's Day

Have you ever said thank you to your Dad?

For me this is something I haven’t done, yes I’ve said please and thank you to my Pops .

But, have you ever really taken the time as an adult to list the ways in which your Dad made your world a better place. Whether he’s with us or not take the time to think about how your Dad made and maybe still makes your world more awesome. 

Graham Vollmer, Kerry Vollmer
MY Pops and I
Here's the start of my list.

Thank you:
  • for playing helicopter with me, raising me in the air on your feet so I could feel like I was flying
  • for bandaging me up from head-to-toe when I told you everything was sore
  • for teaching me to colour in the lines, before that I was just making a mess
  • for teaching me about history with your words and our trips all over the country to historical places
  • for tickling me until my tummy hurt
  • for letting me smell whether your shoes were stinky or not, when you got home after a long day of work
  • for taking me to Santarama Mini-land so I could feel like a giant
  • for showing me the workings of the model you’d built of the first NASA shuttle that went into to space and letting me take it to school to show the teachers and my classmates
  • for hauling out your guitar and delivering a light hearted song about whatever issue I was facing
Graham Vollmer Somewhere in the Karoo
Pops somewhere on the Road to Cape Town on one of our Roadtrips somewhere in the Karoo
  • for letting me help you build the fishpond and the braai in our home
  • for teaching and helping me to service my first car
  • for bringing me petrol when I’d just got my drivers license and forgot to put petrol in
  • for taking me on your road trips to Cape Town to visit Nana and Oupa and see the beautiful flowers in Darling and the family garage in town with our surname written on it
  • for throwing my message in a bottle into the Sea because I couldn’t get it passed the rocks
  • for asking me why I’d locked my keys in my car or left my lights on when you came and helped me (I don’t think I’ll ever have an adequate answer to that question)
Kerry Vollmer, Graham Vollmer, Chapmans Peak Drive
Somewhere along Chapmans Peak
  • for your signature toasted sarmies for breakfast on some days before school (toasted cheese and egg with salt n pepper)
  • taking a detour to work (+/- 20 kms) on those cold winter mornings when I didn’t want to catch the bus
  • for telling me on the way to the church for my wedding that I could still back out
  • for picking me up the day I decided to leave Sean
  • for looking after the kids when I went to visit Carlos in hospital
  • for giving Doug and Demi your time, knowledge and quirky fun in the School Holidays and when they don’t want to go to aftercare
Thank you for all these cherished memories , thank you for being a Dad to me and Oupa to my children. Hopefully next year I'll have another 21 memories to add.

Love you on Father's day and everyday

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