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Sunday, 1 June 2014

My Family: Celebrating our Birthdays in June

Pam Vollmer, Graham Vollmer, Kerry Vollmer, Ryan Vollmer
Mom, Dad, Me and Ryan
We have a very unique situation in our family. We all celebrate our birthdays in one week.

It starts with my Mom on the 15th of June then me on the 17th, my brother on the 19th and my Pops on the 20th. 

I’m convinced that this has something to do with both my grandfathers being born on the 15th of May and maybe a little to do with my Mother’s second name being June. I don’t think that any amount of planning could have got right what my folks have achieved.

Pops and I also share big birthdays, like when he turned 60 I turned 30. I only remember sharing one or two parties with my brother,  the smarties cake birthday when we were small and then our 13th and 15th birthdays. I think it may have also been my Mom’s 40th that year but she decided not to celebrate because Granddad had passed away in April. He had booked the MOTH hall for the occasion and I think it was going to be a surprise for her but sadly he never saw it, so Mom used it for us.

Now that we’re adults, there’s a lot of banter about who’s birthday is more special that year.The week of celebrations doesn’t do much for the waistline, this year I think I’ll find a delicious Banting cake recipe.

Happy Birthday to us and everyone who celebrates in June.


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