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Sunday, 8 June 2014

The Scubaversity Amazing Race–Malongane 2013

The Scubaversity Diveclub year end trip was where it went down. Seven days of R&R’s, sun, sea, sand, fun and most importantly DIVING in Mozambique. The adventure of a lifetime. Colwin, Mandy (The Cool Kids) and their interns organise the trip and coordinate all the activities with the rest of the Scubaversity Family pitching in to help where needed. Diving happens on a daily basis and dive planning is done in the evening, there is time that isn’t spent diving so there are other activities that are arranged to keep us busy. Carlos has been a member of this family since it was a twinkle in Colwin’s eye.

Mandy & Colwin Scubaversity
Colwin and Mandy (aka The Cool Kids)

Last year we were fortunate enough to be a part of the Family that enjoyed the Year End Trip to Malongane. On the 2nd last day we had the Amazing Race. We were divided into teams of 6, our team was the natural formation of our family. We could do the pit stops in any order we chose.

Race Objectives:
  1. Take 5 photo’s of strangers, posing with the prop you chose.
  2. At each stop the Staff/Barman will tip you for your service, collect as much as you can.
  3. Each team must present a mascot & team name at the final. This can be anything.
  4. Teams must bring all photo’s and badges collected.
Before we began
We had to find a spot within the resort and pick a prop and our first badge. We were second to get there so I shouted at the kids to stay in the car, hopped out ran in and chose the prop Carlos had been appreciating a few days earlier. On the way to the 1st pitstop Carlos was teaching us all Portuguese : “Bom Dia!” and “Obrigado” and I was telling the kids to say hello and smile and ask if they could wash dishes.

Chief Carlos (aka The Voice of Authority)

1st Leg
On your way to Ponta,  find Laurenco’s bar and ask to see their bracelets.

We had to buy something, we bought a necklace for each child and the mandatory purchase. It was the start of the race we were all in good spirits and the people at Laurenco’s were really friendly. The barman liked us very much and gave us lots of serviette dollars and our badge. Demi made friends with some local lads and gave them some sweets. The lovely lady working in the kitchen put on our prop and posed with us for a photo.

Demi with the local lads
The lady from the kitchen at Laurenco's Bar wearing our prop

2nd Leg
Find a place with a view and a long staircase leading to the beach. Each team member must write their own name in the sand big enough to take a photo from above.

We’d been there a few days earlier and the kids ran down the stairs and played on the beach, I had to run down (and crawl up) because Demi was playing with her friends and you can’t hear someone shouting from the beach to the bar or vice versa.  We all ran down and wrote our names in huge writing in the sand and everyone galloped up the stairs and I crawled up, by the time I got back up they had already finished their refreshments and taken the photo. We went to the barman and got our serviette dollars and our badge.

Kerry, Carlos, Doug, Demi, Pedro, Roberto written on the beach
Our names in the sand

By now the niggles of our little humans had started to surface. Who was going to sit in the car and who was going in the canopy. Who was going to hold the prop and who was going to wear it. Carlos’ cellphone battery was drained so we plugged it into the car charger and prayed it would charge for our next pit stop.

3rd Leg
Find King Neptune. Buy at least one of his awesome R&R Milkshakes to get your badge. Make sure you take a team photo with him before you leave.

King Neptune Mural, Carlos, Kerry, Pedro, Roberto, Demi, Douglas
Showing King Neptune some love

We found King Neptune in a bar above Ponta Da Ouro’s shopping centre. We bought the delicious Milkshake and shared it (Carlos and I) and the barman was having a slow day so he convinced us to buy 2 chocolate milkshakes for Roberto, Doug, Pedro and Demi to share. They perked up a bit and offered to wash dishes. The barman posed with our prop and us, gave us our badge and serviette dollars and off we went to find our next pit stop.

Roberto, The Barman, Douglas, Pedro, Carlos, Demi

4th Leg
Find Gambozini Lodge. Take a team photo at the tree bar. Ask Enzo about his Pancakes & Cappuccinos and your token! Don’t get stuck!

We asked around and were told where to go to find Gambozini lodge. We travelled up the mountain which was really a bumpy ride and Demi and I were in the canopy, we were rattled around and dinged our heads. We found the tree bar and took a photo and Enzo told us about his pancakes and cappuccinos. Demi and Doug ordered a pancake to share and Roberto also ordered one.
At the Tree Bar

Enzo gave us our token and tipped us and was kind enough to pose for a photo with our prop. Yay! off to our next pitstop…OOPS Pedro decided he also wanted a pancake.  Oh boy, we got STUCK, only for a shortwhile thank goodness.

Enzo, the best pancake maker in the world

5th Leg
Find a bar on the beach. Buy at least one R&R for the barman to explain the game of skill you need to play for your badge.

This one had us stumped. We went to the bar on the beach where Pedro had met his namesake a few days earlier but it was closed. We went to the bar next to them and they said it wasn’t them, they suggested we go round to the other bar on the beach. We went there and they said it wasn’t them. 

We decided to skip to the next one which we turned into the fourth leg and come back to this one. After completing Gambozini lodge we went into town and I think I spotted a sign at a motel that said beach bar, we raced in to complete the leg.

We had rands and meticals with us, so with a large family we need to save wherever we can. Carlos asked the people at every stop how much whatever we had to purchase was in Rands and Meticals and we paid with whichever currency happened to be the cheapest.

At the Bar on the Beach

This lady was cleaning the floors, Carlos was ordering the drink and waiting for change so I took the opportunity to take a photo. The drink was ready, the barman had explained the game of skill. We had to dig a hole in the sand on the beach and insert a pool noodle and balance the drink on the noodle without spilling a drop. 

Carlos was still waiting for change, I decided to head to the beach with the children to get started digging the hole. I carried the drink because I didn’t want to spill a drop.

We got to the beach and our race masters, Colwin, Mandy and Melanie were there. The boys started digging, as happens with our family each wanted their OWN hole. Colwin said something about Teamwork and I went to call The Voice of Authority (Carlos) who was still waiting for change. 

He came back to the beach with me and chose the best hole and dug it deeper and we put the noodle in and packed the sand around it so that the drink could balance and we could move on. We had the skill and earned our badge and some more serviette dollars.


6th Leg
Go to 3/4 R / 1/4 R Central. Take a photo of Scubaversity’s 2010 Club Card.

My analytical mind thought this could be 360. Carlos knew better it was Fernando’s. He was wondering how long it would take us to find the card because the place is covered in cards, every spot has a card on it. 

Fortunately for us, there was a group of people sitting at a table as we walked in and a lady in the group pointed to what we were looking for. Maybe she’d seen someone else searching for it? She also volunteered to take a picture with our prop. We went to the barman and chatted to him and he gave us our badge and tip. And off we raced to complete the final leg.
Scubaversity 2010 Club Card

Roberto and Doug with our prop stranger

The final leg
Be at the bar where the sun sets over the lake by 18h00 sharp. Don’t be early or late.
The Sun setting over the lake

We hadn't decided on a team name or a mascot yet, so on the way to the final destination we were brainstorming ideas. We spotted some banana leaves, picked them up and it was decided we would be the “Banana Indians” and Roberto was our mascot.

Our race masters went flying passed us on the way there and Carlos had his window wide open, he was showered with mud and I got a little splash. We weren't too concerned, or maybe I wasn't too concerned the main aim of the game at this point was to get all of us to the finish in one piece.

We arrived at the finish 2nd or 3rd and I was bummed (Miss Competitive) but tried not to show it. We ran to the finish chanting something about Bananas and Indians.

Our serviette Dollars, tokens and clues

We never knew that winning would be decided on how well we were tipped. We had the largest collection of serviette dollars totaling 3800, I think our nearest competitors were 1000 serviette dollars behind us.
The Winners at Sunset Bar
The Winners


It was definitely worth all the trauma, drama, tears and head bumps. I’d do it again in a heartbeat.

As the Scubaversity Diveclub slogan goes: “Absolutely, Positively, Without a Doubt, Nothing like it.  Not even a little bit! ” Of course it refers to diving but I think that anything done by Scubaversity is like that.

Thank you to Scubaversity for the photo of us winning & Mandy and Colwin.

Carlos has just read this pre-publishing, he says he thinks it was 4500 serviette dollars. He's busy with the recount. 

Note Demi's facial expressions in the pictures from good to bad, she was upset because her brothers never gave her a chance to wear the prop, I told her to cover her grumpiness with a banana leaf when we got to the finish. The race was accomplished with the help of a 4x4 and 6 pairs of legs.

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