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Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Even if you know me well, you don’t know this…


I believed that heaven was high above the corner house which was diagonally opposite to the corner house I grew up in.

When I was four years old a friend of my brothers, David was killed in a hit and run while he was riding his bicycle. My brother Ryan and David used to go riding together, Ryan wasn’t with him that day. We had driven past the scene and seen the mangled bicycle but we didn’t know it was David’s bicycle.

I remember battling to understand when I heard the news because death had not entered my world until then. I had lots of questions for my parents. I didn’t understand how we were never going to see David again. What happened? Did he get hit off his bicycle and fly up to heaven?

I believed that and also that heaven was up above the corner house because when Mom and Dad broke the news to us we were sitting outside on the stoep, it was a clear day and the sky was blue there were only a few clouds in the sky and they happened to be above the corner house. I remember my Children’s bible had a picture of Jesus standing on clouds and that probably just reaffirmed my belief about where heaven was.

After that day I wasn’t sad when I lost a balloon, they would always fly in the direction of the corner house. The balloons would fly higher and higher and I’d watch them drift until they were just a spec in the sky, I knew they were going to David.

As I grew up there were a few more friends and family that passed on and I always knew that they’d gone to heaven which was above the corner house.

We eventually moved from that house when I was 19. I never discussed my belief of where heaven was with my family, I just assumed they knew it was above the corner house.

It was only recently that I told my folks where I thought heaven was and joked with them that they’d not only ruined the Easter Bunny and Father Christmas and the Tooth Mouse for me, but when we moved from that house I didn’t know where heaven was anymore.

I know where heaven is and it’s not above the corner house.

I believe that there are little bits of heaven sprinkled all around us in our daily lives. It’s in the beauty of a sunrise or a sunset, the innocence of a baby, the laughter of a child, a helping hand when you need it most, a friendly smile on a rough day, a word of advice when you don’t know what to do and a hug that will hold you together when you think you might crumble.

What belief have you held onto since childhood?

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