10+3 Things about me 

  1. I live in a blended family of 4 boys and 2 girls which includes myself and my Fiance.
  2. By day I'm a Marketing Coordinator at a Stationery Distributor and Manufacturer.
  3. By night I'm a mom, fiance and researcher.
  4. Many freckles reside on my skin and I only recently started appreciating them.
  5. I randomly break out in song and start my own party.
  6. Food is a passion of mine, how it looks, tastes and smells and experimenting with recipes and new dishes is fun.
  7. Arts and crafts is a good stress reliever for me. I have never been afraid to try anything with this hobby, so I'm like the GI Jane of Arts and crafts.
  8. I love post-it notes, memo paper and notebooks. Writing everything down helps me remember, but then I forget where I put the notes...
  9. Being a perfectionist means I am my own worst critic, but getting up each day and trying again makes me an optimist.
  10. I have faith that if we all try our best to help others in whatever way we can, their world and ours will be a much better place.
  11. I haven't yet found the Greatest thing I can give to the world and maybe I never will which will motivate me to keep trying. 
  12. I enjoy recycling and find new uses for some part of the waste we produce.For example I currently have a year's worth of cardboard egg trays that are waiting for me to use them.
  13. Growing my own fruit or vegetables from either seed or kitchen scraps. Current project: Celery and Lettuce.